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    Toshiba Thrive already on sale!

    saw this and didn't see it posted. Mac Mall via their ebay store has the Toshiba 8gb Thrive for $379.99. (Toshiba Thrive 10.1in Tablet (Tegra 1Ghz Dual-Core, Honeycomb OS) $379.99 Deal - Reviews and Compare Prices)
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    WOOT deal of the day - Velocity Micro Cruz $79.99

    saw this and didnt see it posted. (Woot® : One Day, One Deal)
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    First Sighting Sony S1/S2 Tablets

    saw this and didn't see it here. no real specs yet but at least a tease. (BREAKING NEWS: Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Take Center Stage In Tokyo [Video])
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    Toshiba Honeycomb Tab finally Revealed; 10.1 Inch 'Regza' with LED Backlight

    add to all this, with a late june release in japan it is likely not to be available in the US till the end of july or into august. at that point you come up against tablets like the rumored quad core sony vaio s1. this market is changing too fast for products to be shown 6 to 8 months before...
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    toshiba tablet coming soon to best buy?

    this cnet article hints at a better price then the ipad. (New Toshiba tablet to hit Best Buy soon | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews)
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    toshiba tablet coming soon to best buy?

    i didnt see this posted. the mysterious almost secretive, officially unnamed toshiba tablet now has its own product page at best buy. (
  7. dpeagle changes direction! is going all tablets all the time. check out their new website. ;) (
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    Toshiba Tablet Shows Up On Amazon with Detailed Specs Revealed

    i guess until toshiba makes it official this thing is called the "Antares". obviously that might change before release but here is a good teaser i found on utube. is it me or does watching this demo make you hungry? ()
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    Toshiba Expresses Bold Confidence in their Android Tablet - Takes Direct Aim at iPad2

    this thing might be a great tablet and a true ipad killer if it was actually for sale. each day that passes brings it closer to being obsolete. hell, they dont even have a name for it yet. im getting a bit tired of companies showing new products so far in advance of their release date. remember...
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    Sony Ericsson Tidbits - Working on Android Tablet & LTE Phone, No Interest in WP7

    sony already announced the S1 last week. it will be the true plystation tablet. it will be a sony vaio based product ( no ericsson affiliation). - (Exclusive: Sony 'S1' PlayStation tablet (updated) -- Engadget)
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    XOOM to sell for, get this, $1200.00usd!

    according to cnet, best buy now shows the XOOM tablet retail price at $1199.00usd. i wonder if it's listed for this price to make the reported $799.00usd look better? (Motorola Xoom priced at whopping $1199.99? | Crave - CNET) engadget has just updated the info on this. "Update: We've heard...
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    Toshiba Tablet Website Slowly Reveals More Details on the Honeycomb-based Tablet

    they have already said it will be competively priced with the other tablets in the market. expect $600 for wifi and $800 for 3/4g. the advantage this tablet has is the user replaceable battery and the upconverting video processor. i only hope its better then their first attempt at a tablet.
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    FCC opens up the Notion Ink Adam ! more bad news

    one of the most anticipated tablets over the past 12 months boasts garage build quality. (FCC tears open Notion Ink Adam, discovers a questionably built mess inside)
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    Sony has a plan to be #2 in tablets by the end of the year

    Report: Sony Aims To Be #2 Tablet Maker | News & Opinion | - i didnt even see any rumors of a vaio tablet. this might be very interesting.