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  • Actually I found this from androidforums.com

    From reviews on other sites and a site my friend ordered from(will not mention) A lot of the non-ChinaGrabber sellers are selling refurbished tablets and some have fake android 2.2 (meaning they have only 2.1).

    This whole thing is a big crap shoot, hopefully this toy we've been ordering turns out good or at least good enough for the investment for us!
    Hi pal,
    Sorry to hear about your problem,these things happen. We had exactly the same thing happen to us here in our own country.
    Hang on in there ,hope you resolve the issue sooner rather than later. :)
    I got a ZT180 10.2" ePad 1 GHz HD,Wifi etc Android tablet PC. The problem is tho, that there is no manual with it,just a small leaflet.
    So I'm slightly in the dark,floundering along at the moment.
    Mick (leomick) Lincoln.UK.
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