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    Where Is Spell Check?

    Can't find spell check when typing emails or anything else for that matter. How do I access or activate spell check? Assuming there is a spell check feature, is it only available if I type on the tablet or can I use it with my Belkin bluetooth keyboard? Thanks.
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    USB options

    What have users found that works off the tablet (Lite 3 7") power connection with a USB at the other end of the cord? I have been able to transfer photos to a Windows laptop (but not easy). Thanks.
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    Magic Jack

    It was a volume issue.....sound was off. Duh. Thank you.
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    Magic Jack

    We have a MJ account and have made calls from our Lite 3 Tablet. The person picking up the call on our home phone can hear the Tablet person, but the Tablet caller cannot hear the response. Any idea how to get the conversation to work both ways?
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    Strange Letters, Accents When Typing

    I get promted to choose letters that I have never seen or letters with french? accents when I am typing using an external keyboard. This happened with a no-name key board from eBay. So today I went out and purchased a relatively expensive Belkin keyboard folio and the strange accents are...
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    Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard

    It worked!! Thank you very much!!!
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Won't Work

    How do you pair the tablet with the keyboard?!!
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    Is it possible to skype with Tab lite 3?
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    Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard

    Just received a no name blue tooth keyboard that is said to be compatible with the 7" Tab 3 Lite T110. Can anyone tell me how to get the tablet to recognize the keyboard? Thank you.
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    What Mouse Works with Tab 3 7" Lite?

    Any recommendations for a really good keyboard and mouse for the Tab 3 Lite. The HPx4000b bluetooth mouse has been recommended in my first 'newbie' message on the New Member forum. Thank you!
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    What Mouse Works with Tab 3 7" Lite?

    This is exactly the info I was hoping to get. Immensely helpful! Thank you!!
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    What Mouse Works with Tab 3 7" Lite?

    How do you post a new thread in the forums? There seems to be no "Create Thread" box. Given this, can anyone tell me what brand or type of wireless mouse will work with this tablet? I have already tried plugging an OTG cable in the charge slot and connecting my wireless mouse to the female usb...