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    3g usb modem needed

    You should know what network are you going to use first, WCDMA or CDMA2000 EVDO, all tablets make in China are only support some 3G modems.
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    Need help with identifying this tablet manufacture for rooting .

    If one speaker, it is Apad 8, if two speaker, no official brand at all. z4Root can root many tablets.
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    What Model of Tablet is this?

    I think it has no brand, just made by some manufacture in Shenzhen. It is similar with Haipad M701 in hardware, but uses different case.
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    HaiPad M701 fails to start (FWDN on Win7 X64)

    After you install driver in your computer, open FWDN software, connect the tablet with the PC through USB with switch turning off, then keep pressing the "menu" or "back" button on the top, then turn the switch on. you tablet will go to update mode.
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    I need help firmware M701 4GB

    Is your tablet authentic haina M701 or clone one? They use different nand flash, so firmware are different, i have both, but i do not wanna give you wrong firmware.
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    wifi connection problem! pleas help

    Try another wifi hot spot, if the problem happens too, it maybe the problem of the tablet, if not, check your wifi router.
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    Can anyone help me with my new MID 5XA?

    get firmware here: X5A20101027.rar - euogo-android - X5A-20101027-Multi-Touch - Project Hosting on Google Code
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    S22 (hw-702t)

    Definitely fake Android 2.2, please remember, now no Telechips 8902 based tablets runs android 2.2 OS. This tablet is a clone of Haina M701R. Should be: android 2.1 OS (but will show android 2.2 in the tablet), resistive touch screen, 0.3M camera.
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    New Smartpad Android 2.1 Tablet - Telechip 8902 Based

    This tablet has following specifications: Android 2.1 OS Telechip 8902 720MHz CPU 3 Axis Accelerometer, G-sensor Games such as Raging Thunder supported High performance HD, 3D, support 1080P HD video Official Android Market 256M DDR2 Memory This tablet has similar hardware as Hipad...
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    In your opninion, whats the best Android Tablet right now?

    7 inch one with 3G. hardware is better and it has official android market.
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    Need Firmware Update for Eken M001 tablet

    just try to calibrate it again and again
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    Zenithink ZT180 (Flatpad, WiiPad Neno, Ensopad 4) 10.2" Android 2.1 Tablet

    ADMIN EDIT: The CPU is ARM11 running at 1GHZ instead of Cortex A8. For details, refer to this thread. Otherwise, this can be a decent device depend on how much you spend on it..