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  • You know, I don't remember what I was doing when I came here, but the subject of these messages is appropriate.

    When you try to transfer an sdhc card between devices, or try to duplicate an sdhc card, you can access data, but not access programs without reinstalling them. This is ridiculous when you want to move from a16 gig sdhc card to a 32 gig or greater card. I think there must be hidden files on the card that aren't transferred when you attempt to copy the card.

    I have a 16 gig external card in my tablet. I also have a usb adapter in which I can insert a 32 gig card.

    Anybody know of an android app that will make a mirror image from the card already in my tablet to the card in the adapter?
    One more quick question...I put the SD card out of my Android phone into my tablet, and nothing seemed to happen. Will the Apps on the card transfer to my tablet? Thanks once again! Wendi
    Thank you so very much for getting back to me. So, if my air card does not work with Android, am I correct in thinking that the only way I can get Apps or any of the 'fun' stuff for my tablet is when I can get a wifi signal? This makes me sad because that makes it almost useless to me when i am at home. Are the components you mentioned expensive?? Is there a way to get Apps from my laptop, or my Android phone to my tablet?
    As you can see, I really do need help. You had no idea what you were in for when you replied to my post, did you? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
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