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    No Sound Through External Speakers

    I recently got a memo fhd 10 tablet. Tonight I plug it into external speakers which I've used many times before with a nexus 7 tablet. But I can't get any sound with this tablet. Any suggestions?
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    Any way to reinsall the native 'Email' app on my tablet?

    I installed the K-9 email app on my tablet. It seemed like the native app (titled 'Email') was causing some syncing problems, so I disabled it, or so I thought. When I realized that the syncing issue was probably not related to the Email app, I went to reactivate it, but I could not find it...
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    In Email app: addressing to a group from my People contacts

    I have created a group from email addresses in the 'People' (contacts) app. When I open up the Email app (not Gmail) and start to type in a name, it looks from my list in Contacts and offers some choices. However, if I type the name of an Group, it doesn't show anything; in fact, it seems like...
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    Screen shots - can't seem to do it

    I read that I can take screen shots of my N7 by holding down the on/off button and volume button at the same time, but nothing happens when I do this. Is there any secret, or tips, for how to take a screen shot? Thanks, David
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    Gallery and photo viewer showing some folders twice

    I have downloaded a number of image files to my Nexus 7 and have divided these among folders, usually by date or by name of the subject. When I view these in the default Gallery app or in one I downloaded called QuickPic, it shows a number of image folders (or albums) twice. I'm not sure why...
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    copying image files to my N7 and viewing them in Gallery

    I've been downloading photos to my Nexus 7 and placing them in folders like: Storage/emulated/0/pictures/my images/ I noticed when viewing in my file manager app, that these folders (with files) seem to get copied/emulated in a 'root' folder: (Root) /storage/emulated/Legacy/pictures/my...
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    set-up questions for Nexus 7

    I'm getting a Nexus 7 next week, my first delving into the tablet world. I was just reading some suggestions for setting up the N7 when I first get it, and I have some questions: I have a Google user name and password, but I've never gotten a gmail address; will I be able to back up my...
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    View photos from my camera on an Android tablet - now I'm confused

    Thanks Adelamarc, the other part of my question is: do these tablets allow me to upload my image files, view them, create folders for them, allow editing, then when needed, to download the files back to an SD card to put on my desktop at home? In part because of the open, fluid, and...
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    View photos from my camera on an Android tablet - now I'm confused

    Thanks Leeshor. I would normally suspect what a store person told if they were trying to steer me towards a sale of another product, but at one place they had neither tablets or iPads, so it wasn't from a sales point of view. The other place had both iPads and Tablets, so hmmm. The main thing...
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    View photos from my camera on an Android tablet - now I'm confused

    Okay, here's the scoop: I want to view the photos I've taken while traveling. I was thinking of an Android-based tablet for this, then a converter of some kind that would which allow me to hook up a SD card reader to the tablet, then view the images on the tablet from my memory card. I may...
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    newbie questions about viewing photos and USB ports

    Just to clarify what you've said, are the micro USB ports on tablets powered, as the USB ports on laptops are? As I said above, one thing I'd like to do is back up my photos by copying them to the tablet (using a card reader attached to a USB-to-micro USB converter), then transfer them back to...
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    newbie questions about viewing photos and USB ports

    Thanks Leeshor. Most of the tablets I've been looking at have a microSD reader, so that's why I was looking at a workaround. Best, David
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    newbie questions about viewing photos and USB ports

    I'm new to Android. I usually use PC (Win XP) computers. I'm going on vacation later this year and was looking at a tablet that would allow me to view my images, maybe send some of them by email, maybe read books from Nook, etc. The basic stuff. I'm looking at a few lower-priced tablets by...