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  • Hey. I just flashed VEGAn-TAB GingerEdition STABLE RC1 and my gtab wont connect to my wi-fi. any suggestions. I'm not a complete computer geek but I follow directions well. Im actually new to this tablet world.
    Can you help me find a tablet? I've been waiting for the Toshiba, but it's taking forever, and I'm scared it's going to have that $800 or so price tag. I love what it's going to have , nvidia and tegra 2 dual core,... plus capacitive screen. I could go on,.. anyways,.. I want to spend around the $300 or under for the best speed and resolution too. Been looking since the holidays and done nothing but look at spec's. I also read reviews but get confused cause alot of people don't really push them to their limits, don't know alot and it's frustrating to really make an informed decision. I want to get away from the pc and be able to read, do games and email away from my main pc. laptops arent as convenient and I wanna have fun too with android. I listed some things I wanted and what I been looking at with the forum rhonda19 posted. I found flytouch 3 also came out, what's your take on the new flytouch 3? any input you could give I would appreciate! thanks for being there!
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