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    Share Your Kyros Homescreeen!

    Here's my homescreen using tipstir's HoneyComb 2.1-UPDATE1-TC21-HCV11.0 B15 with the Zeam launcher.
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    Coby Kyros won't power on after powering off.

    Have you tried reseting it in the back? Use the stylus and press the reset button.
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    Need Widget Help

    Try adding a widget in landscape mode, not in portrait mode. Rotate the screen so it is widescreen. This usually does the trick.
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    Coby Kyros 7015 Maximum Micro SD Size

    Ouch...I guess we are currently limited to 16gb.
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    kyros 7015

    Try adding the widgets in landscape orientation and not portrait orientation.
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    LCD Density Change

    So I've been using the app LCDDensity to decrease the sizes of the apps icons on my home screen, text, etc. It's a good app but the setting does not stick on a reboot of the Coby 7015. The 7015 default setting is 240, I am using and like the setting of 200. I did some searching and found...
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    Skin Case for 7015

    Ok...I've tried two cases made for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and had some questionable results. The first one was a silicone skin that was mentioned above. I had to cut out with a razor some spots on the skin to have access to the speaker and right side home/menu buttons. Overall, it works...
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    Coby 7015 Voice Search Force Closing

    Hi Guys, I have a Coby 7015. I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with the google voice search force closing on them after using the 7015 Coby update, rooting, clockworking and installing the android market place. After upgrading the above, I noticed that the default google search...
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    Google Voicesearch Force Closing

    Hello all. I've been having a problem with voicesearch force closing on me with my Coby 7015. It is a 2.1 android with the manfacture update, rooted, clockworked and with the market and google apps installed. Everytime, I press the microphone button on the google quick search bar/widget on...
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    Adding Widgets causing Acore process to force close

    apparently if you add the widget in landscape format it works! The widget will remain there in both landscape and portrait orientation. Sent from my MID7015 using Android Tablet Forum App
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    FC adding widgets after update

    After much searching on the internet, I believe I have found a solution for our force close when adding widgets. This is the link that allowed me to fix my issue: Fix_Permissions - Android Forums If needed get the terminal emulator app from the Market. Once I followed the instructions, I was...
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    Adding Widgets causing Acore process to force close

    I have a Coby 7015 that is rooted, clockworked, and has been upgraded to have the android market. I can't place a widget on my homescreens without the acore process force closing. Anyone able to tell what the fix is? Sent from my MID7015 using Android Tablet Forum App
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    Android Tablets as (also) eBooks reader

    I am currently using the Kindle app on my Coby 7015 and I don't have any issues using it as an ereader. There are several settings that I had to change like the font size, black background with white letters, contrast set to less than half and most importantly the locking of the screen to...
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    Skin Case for 7015

    Hello All. The 7015 comes with a clean book like case with a front cover. I was able to use the screen protector sold for the samsung galaxy tablet (with a small cutout of the bottom section) to fit on the screen. Has anyone found a skin case for the 7015? Something that would wrap around...
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    Coby Kyros 7015 Maximum Micro SD Size

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums and wanted to post a question. What is the maximum micro SD card that one has been able to put into the Coby Kyros 7015? I know the spec lists 16gb max, but was wondering if anyone tried a 32gb one and was it able to work? Thanks, Fuzion