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  • heyyy i need help i need pldt telpad ideos s7 original rom. i flashed cm10 but the landline dialer app is not working so i need to bring back the old rom
    They are not realy saved on your local tablet (is only a *.db file database).If you have root explorer you can see them on /data/data/
    hello goodoane. I have a question that I need to ask but is not worth of a new threat, I just want to know where are stored the emails from the gmail and email app. and if there is a way to save them in the external sd .... I'm asking this because I was able to fix my tablet root it and setup second partition for link2sd and I installed a lot of apps. little by little the internal space has been shrinking to the point now that I have almost no space left.
    actually I got it from amazon but is still the S7-104 with froyo 2.2.2 . Is it the same one as the sweden verison 2.2? .The multiupload link you sent is it for 2.1 or the sweden version?
    I got mine from amazon: S7 Android Tablet (wifi, 850/2100 3g, 7-inch Screen) (American Version)(White): Computers & Accessories
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