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    Which is the best 7" Tablet

    Here is a 7" tablet noticed online, Dropad A8 Android 2.2 Samsung S5PV210 Capacitive Multi-Touch 7 Inch Tablet Support 3G HDMI Flash with Camera - US$ 199.00 Sounds great.
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    Official 2.2 Release for S7 from Huawei - Update? Status = 'Released in Indonesia'

    I followed this good news, but found nothing about it on official Huawei site. ? lol...
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    Gpad G10

    Bump... ANY idea about quadrant?
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    NowSupplier Deal for Android Tablet

    So, cortex A9 would be 1gHz? Android 2.3 would be powered by chipset like that?
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    Gpad G10

    Anyone have experience with this tablet? Gpad G10 Upgraded Aluminum Shell Android 2.1 MID 7 Inch 1080P 4GB Gravity Sensor 1.3 Mega Camera with color choice - US$ 149.00 I want to know angry birds and quadrant performance.
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    Notion Ink's Adam or Motorola's upcoming tablet?

    Haven't got any price info. and date to be available.
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    NowSupplier Deal for Android Tablet

    Looked around on the forum but do find some guys have great deals with Nowsupplier. Compared to other sellers, Nowsupplier's price is the best, can't ignore this point and all the Chinese tablets are almost with same specs no matter who sells.
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    NowSupplier Deal for Android Tablet

    Seeking deals for Android tablet and found an awesome deal from Nowsupplier on fatwallet. Android 2.2 Tablet 8 inch Freescale Cortex A8 Chip, Flash Player 10, 512MB RAM, 4GB, $174 w/FS Take a look on nowsupplier site, do find some interesting tablets. Android 2.2 Capacity Multi Touch Screen...
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    Freescale introduces new single, dual, and quad core chips !!

    So, Freescale would be the best chip for Android tablet?
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    Hello, guys! Seek Android tablet and found this great site. Glad to be here.