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    Pipo U9T 7 inch tablet?

    Looking for a new 7 inch tablet and wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this guy: Pipo U9T Geekbuying has them for pretty cheap and while I don't need the phone...
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    Lenovo Yoga 8" And 10" Android Tablets

    It didn't blow up! All my web browser cookies are gone. All the app icons got shifted around. Probably a bunch of new bloatware I need to disable. Touchscreen seems more accurate, it was always a little off of check boxes and things. Also takes about 3 times longer to boot now! Might be due to...
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    Lenovo Yoga 8" And 10" Android Tablets

    Strangely enough, there's a new firmware out, up to 4.4 KitKat.
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    New Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ Launch At MWC

    Guess I shouldn't rush out to replace my v.1 yoga 10, which despite its low resolution 1280x800 display, still works just fine for most things that I want to do with it.
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    Use an Android Tablet to Do Video Editing?

    I bought videopad but haven't really tried to do much yet.
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    [Rumor] Google May Be Planning to Replace Nexus Products with Android Silver Lineup

    Hopefully they will put an SD card slot in the things this time!
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    Bit web server?

    Two more for you, got joomla! installed, needed to use Chrome to install it because Dolphin was giving me a security certificate error.
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    HTC Nexus 8 reportedly will replace Nexus 7 line — a good move or not?

    And if they continue to ship without an SD card slot of some kind then people like me will not buy them, really wish they would get over the "keep everything in the cloud" phase.
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    Bit web server?

    Just tossed a scheduling system that I've been working with on this called Booked Scheduler (formerly PHPscheduleIt) and dropped the following on their forum: Kind of an FYI, I just installed Booked 2.5.4 on my Android tablet, not sure how much works and it took a little effort to determine the...
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    Bit web server?

    I also tried Droidphp but lack of documentation stopped me, so I bought Bit Web Server and managed to move the root folder to my external SD card, and tested phpinfo and phpmyadmin. I'll test some other things later.
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    Bit web server?

    Anyone use Bit Web Server on their device? I'm looking for a web/php/mysql stack that I can use while learning to write php code and I don't always want to be tied to a computer. Bit Web Server - Web Server android ( lighttpd , php , mysql , phpmyadmin ) Is there something better I should be...
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    Why fret about iPad numbers when there's no such thing as the Android tablet?

    Yet, if you look at total tablets sales and segment the results by operating system, what do you get? Simply because there are several manufacturers doesn't make android irrelevant. Let's take the top four Android makers of Samsung, Lenovo, Google, and Amazon and compare them. While not a single...
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    Simple Basic Notepad Application

    I like Droid edit from the store.
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    Ashton Kutcher Designing Entire Line of Lenovos

    Now just image what half of the people on this forum could do if they were put in a similar position, I know I could have done better on the previous "old" Yoga 10!
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    New Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ Launch At MWC

    Imagine my surprise to find my "old" Yoga 10 with jellybean 4.2 didn't support exFAT. Guys on the Lenovo forums assume it is a licensing issue where they don't want to pay the couple of pennies per unit. I'll gladly pay them an extra few dollars to get this put back in. Otherwise, I love the...