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    k-12 Applications for Samsung Galaxy

    Guys. Which apps you suggest for 5-7 yr old, he is learning math, reading, writing Sent from my SPH-P100 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Unlocking the S7?

    Hi, i wonder if this is wrong thread, I wonder if we have to buy the 'unlock' code online? something this this Or is it already unlocked? Thanks
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    Which Phone Networks work with the S7

    Does it have to be 'Unlocked' ? Here i found THIS link, i wonder if we have to pay, or is it unlocked?
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    Huawei Ideos S7 Official Firmware Releases Discussions

    I think the center is down, I too cant download anything, I am also somewhat hesitant to update, Is the performance all that different? i have yet to hear someone's testimony
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    Galaxy Tab Battery query

    I am currently working with Airplane Mode turned ON, it does switch all your connections off, but you have the option to turn WIFI back on. Enjoy
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    [ROM] S7 V100R001C63B013(Sweden Expert) - "Host Software"?

    Hey guys, Just want to get your feedback on the performance of this update? Thank you.
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    S7 phone with AT&T?

    ** MAKE SURE your S7 is ROOTED otherwise it wont work ** If your s7 is rooted, you need to 'BUY' an app from the market called 'ROOT EXPLORER' , or if its one time use, you may DOWNLOAD it, Once you have Downloaded 'Root explorer', you will need the WPA file, which you get get here and copy to...
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    Huawei S7 Useful Tweaks and Tips

    Ok, here is what you do: 1. Install the CAB on your windows mobile phone, this cab turns your phone into a wireless router, so any device (laptop, ipod, tablet) can easily connect to it, After you'll install the CAB, you go to 'START' and scroll to the bottom, there you will find 'CM...
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    Huawei S7 Useful Tweaks and Tips

    Sheila, so sorry for late response, i have not been online a lot, been busy, and plus i forgot about this thread, here are the files is the CAB file, if you have any questions, PM me, or post here, and also, you need to replace the WAP file on your s7 to...
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    Transferring Android Apps

    Yes. If you go to 'market' and clicl on 'my apps' you should see your puchased apps, click on them and you will have option to install, as long as you are signed into market with same email. Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App
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    Huawei S7 Useful Tweaks and Tips

    Guys, I can confirm that Tethering from WM 6.5 to S7 WORKS, i use 'CM InternetSharing' , and i had to change a WPA file on my S7, let me know if you need the .cab or the file for s7
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    New Pc Case for Huawei S7

    I'd like one, Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App
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    the s7 run with battery pulled off rc power only

    how do i do a screen shot of my tablet? what app do you use? Thank you
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    What is a good keyboard for our s7?

    I wonder whats a good keyboard for our s7 devices? I used both, the Android and Huawei Keyboard, But i wonder if there is another one that works better and is easier for quick typing, Not a big fan of 'swipe keyboard' Thanks
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    Huawei S7 Owners Thread

    How do you take screen shots? what app do you use? Thanks