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  • hi gurgle, i have a eken 7""2.2 does not have an app for google play so i cant read any books i purchased from them without it.could you please advise me what to do.thanks
    hey ther i have got a Coby KYROS mid7015 and i am getting a couple of messages on it that say (sorry, but your device is not compatible with appslib) I used it all the time. The other one is (Sorry stopped unexpectedly) and has me force close it. What do i do to fix these or where can I go ?
    hi gurgle so why does it say not enough storage i dont understand since i have an 8 gb in the archos 101
    Hi gurgle, Helppppppppp I set my brightness too low on my tablet and now I cant see a thing, what can I do to reset the brightness?? I was just setting the brightness and I went the wrong way and made it darker and now.....I can't see anything to adjust what ever is on the screen :-(. I can't win!!!!

    My name is John and I'd like to know how I can get my website advertised on this forum. I left a message on one of the contacts pages but no one got back to me.

    Thanks for your help.
    Oops .. maybe. Please check to see if I have two user ID's. The other would be* kris*. I saw the main forum when I was surfing on Pulse on my Xoom .. saw the forum and signed on.
    Sorry if I did this ..
    Hi Gurgle,
    I have just installed the new firmware ( 110221 Android 2.2.). But I think it does not have a accelerometer (A81E - The first version of the device).
    Is there no way to?
    I would also like to use Tethering. Which APK to use and how will that work? I Have a Sony Ericsson E-10 (Android 2.1) with Internet Abo. I hope you can help me and others. Devices are Rooted.
    Cheers Gurgle
    I thought it would be well liked, I have not seen another manual anywhere. great device (wits a81)
    Take care, bye
    Hey, I wasn't thinking when I made that post about Android Memory really should be in the Q&A section for everyone to see, not just the Telechips section -- can you move it for me? I'll take better care next time!
    Since the new Velocity Cruz Tablet is out, I'm looking for a "home" for discussion. This net seemed logical, a new sub-forum seems reasonable.
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