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  • for me i like the LF EVO because at the first place i cant root my coby even if i used the superoneclick apps, cause i need to install the link2sd to upgrade my memory thats why i need to root. and LF EVO is the perfect cfw for it, its fast and the author of the cfw is great in helping. i think i already have a post regarding to ur questions. :) anyway thanks for asking.
    hi to answer ur questions, if u dont want to delete your installed apps you can delete the DATA_WIPE or WIPE_DATA something like that, but i recomment that u installed the cfw with data_wipe so that u can be sure that once u installed the cfw, it can get normal a boot, anyway i flashed this roms several times and tried without the DATA_WIPE, it still works, cause i have so many apps and i dont want to install it again, but there is an app called titanium back up so u can installed your apps again,Secondly, it seems that you have already installed some apps thats why you have a low memory, if u installed the LF EVO you will have a Nand Memory of 2.90gig and internal memory of 1.5gig ( If u have a 4Gig Capacity).
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