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    Allwinner Astar A33 Tablet Wi-FI Wont turn ON

    Thanks I already tried that. Do you know where I can get the stock firmware from. My tablet is all winner Astar a33 build V1.1 2014 11 10. I have looked everywhere for htis firmware but cannot find it. Im thinking that if i re flash this firmware it may sollve the wi-fi issue
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    Allwinner Astar A33 Tablet Wi-FI Wont turn ON

    Hi I have a Allwinner Astar A33 tablet, i rooted it using kingo root and then tested other ROMs. I then flashed the stock ROM KitKat 4.4.2 and now the Wi-FI will not turn on, When i select ON it switches to OFF immidetely. Can anyone pleae help with fixing this issue. I have tried Un-Rooting...
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    Custom ROM installation

    Hi I am new to ANdroid devcies as i only have Apple devices up till now, please bear with me. I just bough a Noza Tec Android tablet allwinner A33 VII on kitkat 4.4.4 quadcore with 1GB RAM, this tablet was cheap and does not behave anything like a quadcore or 1GB RAM, it is very slow when using...