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    So they said they would ship my new device on Monday. Of course this hasn't happened, nor have I heard from them either. Why am I not surprised?! Time to send an email, which probably will take forever to get a reply. If I'm even lucky enough to get a reply. Sent from my T-Mobile G1 using Tapatalk
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    It was almost 4 days, still no reply. Finally i gave in and decided to use that Live Chat they have on their website to get someone. I finally did and they said they would send it out on Monday and email me a tracking number. Of course, i have my doubts if this will actually happen but...
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad it turned out well for both your orders. I'm just hoping that since i've stuck it out with Merimobiles this long, the long wait and patience will be worth it!
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    LTP Gpad701 - Another 7" TCC8902 Tablet

    Any first hand reviews?
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    Its been almost four days after emailing Phillip/customer support about the status of my shipment. No word yet - sigh. The saga continues... A few more days of this and i'll be forced to take action by going into my bank and working on a refund somehow.
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    Huawei - Ideos 7" Tablet S7 Just showed up on Best Buy's site

    Any word yet on a release date? I'm just a little weary of that "coming soon" date.
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    Wits A81E or Herotab X5A

    I really wonder why the A81 doesn't have a g-sensor - in any of the re-branded versions. I say it's only a must have if you're a reader or something. I'm just so having everything in portrait view (phones, ipods, etc).
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

    Darn these contracts tablets are going to come out with. I think it might be the deciding factor in the end.
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    Free Tablet Giveaway!!!!

    I wonder if anyone actually does win these contests.
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    HSN Launches Coby Kyros Internet Tablet 7" Android OS 2.1, 800MHz with 1080p HDMI

    Good deal! This is exactly what i wanted, well the Herotab branded version until my epic episodes with Merimobiles.
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    which one should i buy ? x5a or apad ? i'm confused

    I had the same conundrum when i was buying my tablet back in early September. And i still have neither!
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    Hero tab 8' G802 or zenithink ZT-180

    In my opinion, the Herotab G802 is one ugly device. Its hideous in fact! The ZT 180 is much nice, even though its a bit bigger - very iPad like.
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    Wits A81E or Herotab X5A

    I simply wish the A81 had a gsensor and HDMI output. I think if it did, it would be flying off the shelves, literally.
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    Just ordered the apad 702

    Check this thread: Keep us updated on how the device is when you get it.
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    Haipad M701-R from purchase review

    Thanks for sharing the experience. How's the device so far? Pros? Cons?