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  • I have a sylvania SYNET7LP and it gets stuck in the sylvania logo. I press some bottom and it says recovery image not found. I dont know what to do please help me.Also I do not have the recipe of the purchases cause I did win this tablet at my school. please help.ohh last thing I remember is that is has android 2.20 the last one I tried the otg stuff and It didnt work. I dont know what to do please I need a recovery image of android 2.20 froyo for my SYNET7LP.
    and the three fingers method doesnt not work since it ask me for a image that I do not have :(
    hi can you pls help me rooting my sylvania SYNET7LP tablet? i have a hard time on this one i can't find any procedures tht is usable in rooting my tablet... pls help me.. i want to remove permanently the skyfire, bluetooth and telephony... i already have universal androot, gscripts, and android system info... but unfortunately i dont know how to use them. i've used the universal androot once and the all it says you're system has been rooted something like that... pls show me the step by step to root my sylvania and also how to access the google apps becoz i dont have any games installed on my tablet... pls pls pls help me thanks
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