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  1. I do I get Netflix on my tablet???

    OK....the app was already installed....doesn't work. Is there a firmware update or something I can do to get Netflix to work?
  2. I do I get Netflix on my tablet???

    Hi.....the model # is ZT280E71FC71M5(OR 6)12F4. I thought I was getting a pure Zenithink ZT280 C71, but I must have ended up with some hybrid. I'm really curious about what this is. But first off, how do I enable Netflix on this puppy?? Thx!
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    Password Not Working - How To Reset To Factory Settings?

    I just had to do this with some trepidation not knowing what would happen.....go to settings/ privacy/ factory data reset. It should reboot to the original settings for when you first got it. BTW......I'm a tablet newbie too......good luck!