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    Tablet Waking Up With WIFI On

    I know this has been brought up before and I looked around and can't seem to find a good remedy for this other than shutting off WIFI. I thought upgrading to gingerbread would fix this, considering that its a completely different OS. Does anyone know a permanent fix for this? This thing is...
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    From stock firmware to gingerbread in a few hours or less ... pointers?

    I don't believe that it needs to be rooted to update to gingerbread. Its quite different than any Android mod I've done before. The process is to actually reimage the tablet instead of flashing some zips and boom you're done. Its actually kind of a pain but the end result is worth it. Just...
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    [ROM] Watery Kyros v1.2b Custom Firmware for MID7015

    Just installed! Did not wipe except dalvik cache and working fine with all my apps still there. Is there a way to get rid of contacts, sms, and phone in launcher pro? Nice work! Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Coby 7015 ethernet

    Most "n" routers if not all are backwards compatible with b/g. Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Coby 7015 ethernet

    I have an "n" router and my kyros works fine with it. Even with wpa2 security Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Where can the Coby Kyros (Gen 1) be Purchased? Price trends?

    HH Gregg has it on sale this week for $149
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    connecting to tv with kyros

    Thats odd that you guys are having problems on the TV. I have a Philips 42" 1080P LCD and my Kyros shows up fine on the screen
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    connecting to tv with kyros

    1.3 Gold 5 FT mini HDMI to HDMI Cable HDTV DV 1.5M IK5 - eBay (item 300520632627 end time Feb-28-11 22:02:33 PST) This should fit the bill just fine. $2.17 shipped!
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    connecting to tv with kyros

    The only cables that come with the tablet is 2 usbs. You need a mini hdmi to hdmi cable and the output is very good Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Rooting MID7015

    Power off and then power back on holding the silver button and see if clockwork is installed. If it is you can backup from there. Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Setcpu settings for kyros 7015

    You must have a kernel that supports overclocking for either device. As far as I know there is no custom kernel for the tablet yet. Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Coby 7015 Mic???

    Shazam works... Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Is there anyone local that can help Root Kyros 7015?

    This is very true. The only problem I had with apps lib was the fact that most of the apps were old versions. Sent from my SPH-M900
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    Is there anyone local that can help Root Kyros 7015?

    Follow the super easy way to root and install Google market...its stickied at the top of the forum. Sent from my SPH-M900