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    Samsung Planning to Kill Off Unofficial Accessories?

    Samsung is one of the oldest electronic companies around. If they do this, it will be the last for a samsung product in my home.
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    New Data Suggests That Android Could Overtake the Apple iPad in the Tablet Market

    Does their data take in to consideration the Thousands and thousands of apad and up china tablets, and those from France, Turkey and other countries. Probably not. I think they pick the top four, and go with those figures, which may be skewed to the nth. I use my apad a lot, as well as my...
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    [WINNERS] Caseen Vibe L Stylus Pen

    Congratulations to the winners!
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    German Court Rules that Motorola Must Recall All Android Tablets and Smartphones

    Apple is so terrofied of Android OS, they will do all they can to cripple any company that employs it.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen Vibe L Stylus Pen

    I would like to win a Caseen Vibe L Stylus Pen, because I have never used a stylus with my tab's. Black is nice. Best to All!
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    Apple v Samsung Aftermath; Google Statement; Juror Speaks Out & More

    I would not buy an Apple product after they not only claimed to invent windows but also the mouse and inyergrated computer, all of which got them banned in foreign countries where they are serious about lying. Then they steal the beatles name and logo, and sue everyone on the planet for a...
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    Potentially Grim News for Android: Apple Blocks Sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in U.S.

    Apple has always used others ideas and had a bad time with the Beatles Apple corp.. But still all they do is sue anything that moves. I won.t allow anything Apple in my house. Bad things they have always done. Starting with Job's screwing Woz, and Woz went along.
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    Apple Store Refuses to Sell iPad to American Customer Because She Spoke Farsi

    It is mandated by the federal Government, for Iran North, Korea, Cuba, etc.. It is the Iranians, Jordanians, North Koreans, etc that want U.S. citizens dead. So too bad about profiling, but it is a fact of life that will be with us for a long time. Get used to it. Sadly the world is being...
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    Apple Getting Nasty; Seeks Import & Sales Ban on HTC Devices and the Galaxy S III

    Apple, who tried ripping off the Beatles, came to an agreement then violated it bigtime, seems always to be suing other people. I can see why Android is coming on so strong.
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    Samsung WiFi 5.0

    I just picked up a Samsung wifi 5 and love it but does anyone know if this will be able to rum Android 4.0?
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    [GIVEAWAY] Free 7 inch Android 4.0 Onda VX610W Fashion Giveaway

    I would love to own an Onda android tablet.
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    Can You Grill a Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

    Yes definitely not entertaining.
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    (How To) CM7 Bootable SD

    It is possible the Market place update may have contributed but I am not sure. Anyway an encore update cured it if anyone experienceas the same. Jimmy
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    (How To) CM7 Bootable SD

    Fixed it by upgrading to 7.2.3 Very strange.