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    Battery consumption using a memory card

    the color nook or the archos 70 are your options.. The Archos is excellent playing movies...I buy mine online, in ipad format at about 5-600mb per movie, so a 16gb card holds alot of movies. battery life with wifi off and the screen set to 50 percent brightness is 7-8...
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    new and overwhelmed

    Go to best buys and check out the huawei s8.. If you buy from HongKong its yours forever..
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    Day 1 of 5 days of Christmas

    Yess to merchandise...tee shirts, coffe mugs mouse pad
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    Anyone installed 2.2 on a archid 70 yet?

    you can update the 70 by soon as you set up the wifi, you can go to firmware up date... it will do the rest.. get a copy of appsinstaller from android).keep that in your pc..Install it after the update, it will help when its time to add the market or other apps
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    Looking for tablet info

    look at the nook color.. it does't have a true market, but is an excellent easy to use reader with video and gaming...look at review in Archos is a good unit but no one has them available..witz has repair service in china...
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    Archos 70 or Huawei S7 ?

    battery life is an issue with the huawae..the archos battery will last about 8 hrs..good for movies on an airplane.. a traveling companion..books, games and movies. and USA service updates and repair.
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    Velocity Cruz tablet

    on the tablet go to to their downloads, to android and search for slideme..load this to the tablet, you can also search for adobe android..another goo software site is directly to the tablet..i could not get nook and kindle to work, was able to down load them..I...
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    Where to buy Archos in stock?

    listing is correct.. unit is shipping with 2.1, firmware update to 2.2 came out tuesday 11/30
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    Where to buy Archos in stock?

    amazon had them and as of this afternoon is sending customers to tiger direct...
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    Android 2.2 Firmware Update is Out for All Archos Gen 8 Devices

    i have heard that we will loose the google android market" when you update..old file was for eclair only.. so some wiz will have to help us all out with a new apk file. ive found lots of good files at Freeware lovers .com...while you wait for the New Market file
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    Android 2.2 Firmware Update is Out for All Archos Gen 8 Devices

    waiting to hear from someone how has updated....update is not reversable
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    Archos 70 8gb

    amazon has the 70 8gb for sale ..I snagged one last night.
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    android 2.2 is it going to be here today

    it's flash ready flash until archos gets certified by adobe....
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    Cruz Tablet and Android Marketplace

    there are 2 ways to do it..on your tablet, go to, to download..then look up can download the file from cnet to your tablet or pc..the other place to look, again with yoyr tablet is "" its another great site..slide me is a market palce that you keep on the...
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    android tablet vs nook

    for the 149 the cruz reader is a good starting place (see a software update at slate droid "macho cruz)..It has no 3d and that limits alot of games...At 249 the nook color looks good too..but i dont know about 3d....the cruz have excellent battery life,, which most imports do not,,buy a 4 gig...