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  • What tools can modify the framework-res.apk? I modified the framework-res.apk not enter the system I use signapk.jar signature Tools you can put out?
    joenilan, im having some issues too. everytime i try to install CWM my screen goes black a i get a message "Enter into fastboot mode. You can press HOME+ BACK to reboot device".............any ideas?
    Hey Joenilan,
    I am having some difficulty.
    Don't want to tie up the forum with my novice crap.

    I don't understand Clockworkmod, and I want to install your fusion ROM.

    I've been able to Flash Roms via sd-card, and rooting is no problem with SOC.
    I've even got link2sd working very good.
    I just can't seem to find a good tutorial on CWM for installation.
    Also, a bit of info as to what CWM does would be beneficial.

    Thanks in advance.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    hi , nice to meet u
    i got something want ask u
    i already upgrade the indo v1.0..
    the indo v1.1 how to install?
    can u teach me ?
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