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    EPUB files with 1.5 cupcake

    I updated my black pandigital with the 1.5 cupcake firmware and for the most part it runs well. The only problem is I cant seem to run purchased epubs from books a million. I download them to my laptop via adobe digital editions then over to the pandigital but when I try to run them with fb...
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    Loading es file manager on PDN

    I managed to load the open android on my 7" BPDN but am unable to run the es file manager .apk . Its on the system and on the sd card. How do I run it so that I have a file manager?
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    Pandigital Firmware problem

    Different PC's, doubt it. UBS ports work fine in all computers tried.
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    Pandigital Firmware problem

    I downloaded the US and CA versions of the firmware (exe loaders) from pandigital and I cant get them to work properly. It gives me a Novel USB error message on the PC. I tried different PC's and I get the same message. What is the problem?