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  • Has anyone else tried the "leather keyboard case" for the Superpad that has been on EBay and also available from Amazon for about $35.00? It was reviewed on the Osgui site (Australian, I believe?) with pretty good reviews, but the rest I have read are mixed.

    Thank you -
    I have a new Superpad and cannot get a TF card off EBay. I have an micro SD card reader and each time I try and download photos from my Gmail account on my tablet, I receive a message that an SD card must be inserted. I have tried the reader (with micro card) in both USB slots numerous times with no success. I have read a few other posts about difficulty people have been having with their own tablet recognizing one or the other slot, but I can't seem to get a card even recognized. I don't want to have to spend the extra money on a TF card reading that micro SD cards should be fine.

    Can anyone help? Thank you!
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