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May 4, 2021 at 1:37 PM
    1. adjuvantjfoster
      How many minutes will the iPhone 4S make a continuous 1080p video recording?
      I use a Contour HD 1080p Helmet Cam to record, one period of three hockey game periods at a time. The time to record a 20 minute playing time period is something like 25 to 30 minutes with a file size for each period of just under 4GB.Will the iPhone 4S record 1080p video for a complete 60 to 90 minute hockey game?I have not seen anything in the specs or discussion of this for either the iPad2 or the iPhone 4S.There is more than enough memory available, if the file system and the video recording software is smart enough to use it in large chunks. Most helmet cams and small video cams such as the Sony Bloggie appear to have enogh memory but run into the FAT 32 file size limit ( just under 4GB) in less than 30 minutes. Some cameras open another file and keep going, while others simply shut down instead of going on to their advertised 4 hour limit. If I had an iPad 2 I might already know the likely answer.
    2. Adw1
      Good morning!
    3. JohnnyApple
      Hrmm we might be interested in that. Can you send me a PM, would you be able to ship it to me?
    4. iPadOne
      Johnny , i have car, or travel home charger for Iphone 4 if you want for your july promotion
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