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  • quick question for you. I noticed in a thread that you bought an Apad running 2.1. Are you aware if that tablet supports Skype or Fring? I want a tablet for webcam use and just want to make sure. If you've used either app, how is the quality?

    Hi joshua,
    May I impose on your kindness to help others, as I am only 74 years young and none too bright about Android. I am lookingfor a tablet whcih will enable browsing, ebooks, listen to music and very important for me to access internet where WIFI not available like in car, parks but wireless cells function.
    Which of the follwing 2 will meet my needs?
    A. Apad iRobot Telechip TCC8902 7" Android 2.1 Tablet PC
    B. 7 Inch Google Android Tablet PC with 3G, WIFI, 1.1GHz CPU, G-Sensor, Camera - US$179.75 :
    OR can you suggest any other tablet? Also as I have read so many bad mes. about suppliers, whom would you recommend?
    I do hope that I am not asking too much of you. Thanks in anticipation.
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