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    Does a 64GB USB memory stick work with a tf300

    Thanks for the advice. I intend to purchase the TF300TG which comes with a keyboard dock.
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    Does a 64GB USB memory stick work with a tf300

    I noted another thread for 64Gb but it was for a 64Gb SD memory card. Has anyone tried to use a 64GB USB memory stick with the TF300? Does it work and if so is it recognised as a 64Gb device?
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    Apps which will open Microsoft documents

    I am completely new to Tablets and Android. Where is the best place to search for apps which will open Microsoft created documents such as (Word) .doc and .docx Also (Xcel) .xls (spreadsheet) PDF files Thanks
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    Navigator Apps?

    I haven't yet purchased a tablet but I would like to know if there are are navigation apps available for android tablets which work similar to in car navigation devices such as Garmin, Navman, TomTom. Are there any such apps which use Garmin or TomTom maps (I have Garmin and TomTom maps). I...