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    Please help me Get rid of this horrible Chinese Firmware!

    go to for compatible ROMs
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    HP Kills TouchPad, WebOS future unknown

    IMO, HP was expecting that WebOS would be the killer OS against iOS and Android. Common sense dictates that it takes time to steal/grab/develop/create market share. And for HP, six weeks is simply too long for them.
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    WM 8650 Tablet and few Problems

    For a generic stock ROM go to EKEN Support Tablet PC,Car Video Recorder, For the Uberoid ROM (registration required) go to HcH'z TechKnow [] - Index page PS The Uberoid ROM is already rooted and will take effect after the first reboot after flashing.
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    wondermedia 8650 7 tablet

    The Huwawei modems should work in the UK as they use GSM and have the same 900/1800 bandwidths. The other modems listed in the WM8650 are CDMA based and are not compatible with GSM (obviously). Also read from other resellers that there are no workarounds for ZTE modems to work with the WM8650...
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    wondermedia 8650 7 tablet

    AFAIK, basically that's how you setup your modem but using a supported model.
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    Android Market Blocking Rooted Devices?

    I'm not rooted but Google has blocked several apps such as Youtube, Yahoo, Pandora, Slacker, etc. even after a market fix. Reflashed my unit and even loaded the new market. The only consolation here is that you have other alternatives in installing software. So in reality it should be a major...
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    i can't download from the market i need new rom

    I've been doing this Android market fix all the time, but all of a sudden I can't find some apps like Pandora, Youtube, Yahoo though the Android Market works. Reflashed my tablet several times and even used version 3 of the market, but still the same thing. Any ideas to my problem?
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    Will a UK purchased WM8650 Android work in the USA with US purchased data sim?

    The US uses 850 (AT&T) / 1900 (T-Mobile) frequencies whereas the rest of the world uses 900/1800 frequencies. Check if your modem supports the different frequencies. But given the limitations of modems compatible with the WM8650, I doubt it. Check the manual of the modem and borrow a US SIM card...
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    wondermedia 8650 7 tablet

    Tap the 3G icon or go to Settings and select add 3G network. Select device and see if your model is supported. In my WM8650, the ZTE brand is not supported.
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    How To install Android Market on my Epad WM8650 froyo ?

    Search for these files and install them in your tablet.Vending.apkGoogleservicesframework.apkGooglecalendarsync.apkGooglecontactssync.apk
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    Question for Docs To Go Pro owners

    No. Neither can QuickOffice. Try PDF Converter for Android.
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    my tablet problem

    reflash your unit. go to HcH'z TechKnow [] - Index page for resources
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    How to install the new market (3.0.27)

    I just installed it straight using the built-in file manager of my unrooted Maylong M-250. :)
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    Android tablet or ipad?

    We have recently purchased a 16GB iPad 2 and somehow I am still drooling over the Iconia 32GB model which $100 less than the iPad plus case at Costco. As mentioned by the other posters, the iPad is somewhat limiting as you have to go through iTunes. (iOS 5 may change things). But Android has...