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    Asus EEE owners, does the EEE pad work well as a Notebook ?

    Grab a Connectland CL-MOU23014 Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse off Amazon, QuickOffice Pro HD off the market, and you are good to go. Setup free Dropbox, Google Docs, and Sugarsync accounts and make yourself completely mobile with cloud file storage. Tether your Eee Pad TF to your smartphone...
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    netflix update

    sideload this Netflix 1.4 update and you will not longer get that message.
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    Asus eee pad Transformer 3G Solution !

    I have an Evo phone (Sprint) running Gingerbread and rooted. I use WiFi Wireless Tether from the Android marketplace and it works great, especially when I'm in an area where Sprint 4g works. Some tablets may need a slight hack to do "adhoc" tethering (I think I'm right about this), but it...
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    ASUS TF101 case quest

    I'm taking a different approach. I'm using a Skinomi Carbon Fiber Skin Protector for both the tablet and keyboard, with a padded sleeve case. I also have a Blurex portfolio which I use when I'm traveling with the tablet only. Really like this approach because it takes advantage of the slim...
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    Solution for short power cable

    I'm pretty sure that the blue color for these USB 3.0 type cables is an industry standard. I'm seeing motherboards with the USB 3.0 ports/plug-ins coming out in that same blue color. Makes sense to color code the cable for the port connection.
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    Netflix app streaming?

    Patch worked for me. Watched Dumb & Dumber last night!!
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    [ROM][April 29 2011] >>> phiremod nook V6.2 <<< | CM7.0.2

    Discovered a real easy way to make the Market see all your apps again. If you have Titanium Backup, just go into into the list of apps under "backup/restore" and select "market". Then in the window that pops up, select "wipe data". Then, run market and accept the terms. Select "my apps" and...
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    [ROM][April 29 2011] >>> phiremod nook V6.2 <<< | CM7.0.2

    Wow! Had to do it twice, but the second time, bingo! It worked. Thanks so much. Now i've got like 50 apps that are all waiting to be updated! But, no problem, at least they now show up. thanks again.
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    [ROM][April 29 2011] >>> phiremod nook V6.2 <<< | CM7.0.2

    Problem: Market help needed I've researched my issue and now must post here due to not being able to find a solution in the forums. Problem: I flashed Phiremod 5.1 when it became available several weeks ago. I used the market to download and/or purchase 10-12 apps. Then, using Titanium...
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    Best Rom to update Nook Color???

    my wifi works great. i leave it on all the time. i have sleep turned off and screen blanks at 10 minutes. i get 14 hours of moderate use under this scenario. i have not tested wifi with sleep mode turned on. when i pull into the garage i hear my nook still in my satchel log on to my home...
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    Best Rom to update Nook Color???

    I use Touchrecalibrate everytime I cold boot and to me, it really does help my screen sensitivity, especially in the corners. I also changed my LCD density to 181 (Phiremod 5.1) which also helps with larger sweet spots for hotlinks and app icons.
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    What are you running as your "daily driver"? (Poll)

    Phiremod 5.1, LCD Density 181. Really great ROM!
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    Viewsonic GTab for $279 on

    Saw on Woot that they sold over 10,000 of these. I bought one LOL. Got my NookColor smokin on Phiremod 5.1 as a daily and stable model. Now going to go over to XDA and start researching rooting the GTab. Fun stuff. Keeps this old guy young!
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    [ROM][April 29 2011] >>> phiremod nook V6.2 <<< | CM7.0.2

    I know this issue has been discussed previously, but someone might benefit from this. I love 5.1 but my 60 year old eyes have struggled with the LCD density setting of 161. I experimented a bit and have settled on 181 as a new setting, and i followed the directions in the XDA post below using...
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    Viewsonic GTab for $279 on

    I am the owner of 2 Nook Color Tabs. ROM on one is Phiremod 5.1, and the other is experimental with HC 3.0 presently. Saw the ad for this GTab for $279 and couldn't resist letting everyone know. Not suggesting you replace your NC, but at this price you gotta go look. This is a very low price...