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    Hung boot sequence

    My MID-001 7" tablet (Android 4.0.4, Baseband 1.5, Kernel 3.0.8+) will not finish it's boot sequence. I get the initial android icon when powering it up, then a bright screen with another android icon and then a screen that says "android" with a sweeping effect to the letters. Even after...
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    USB Host Non-Responsive

    Thanks for the suggestion. It appears that part of my problem is a misfitting USB connector on the Tablet. I hooked up a USB cable to is and connected it to my netbook and got no response or indication of charging. By flexing the part of the cable that plugs in to the tablet I was able to get a...
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    USB Host Non-Responsive

    I have just acquired an A13 generic tablet .. and I am having trouble activating the USB Host connection. From About Tablet: Model MID-001, Android 4.04, baseband 1.5, kernel 3.08+ From sellers listing: Feature: Type:16:9 TFT Capacitive Screen Screen Size:7" Resolution:800*480 Capacitive...
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    How do I increase the microphone level on a MID-001

    The microphone level on my new MID-001 7" tablet seems low. I almost have to speak directly into the "mic hole" to get a mid level indication using the Sound Recorder app, and Skype call testing service does not hear me at all. Is there any way to increase the input level? Are there any...
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    New to Android World

    Just received a MID-001 7" tablet (from system info: Android 4.0.4, Baseband 1.5, Kernel 3.0.8+) from In Stock 7"Capacitive Touch Mid Tablet PC Android 4 0 A13 1 2GHz WiFi Webcam 4GB | eBay . I am very impressed with this little gem .. but am still confused about its overall operation. The user...