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  • Hi you still workign in teclas p76ti? but i have a problem i need some help please.
    I updated to kkmod 2.3.4, want to update to 4.0.3 but in your post you says is needed the official upgrade to 4.0, but i cant update by livesuite, dont detect my tablet, i already installed the driver, but it says NO DEVICE THAT NEED TO UPDATE, I try in a XP x86 and Win7 x64 and have same error.
    my email [email protected]
    Hi there KK! I've read most of your posts regarding the Teclast P76TI. I'm pretty new to all these so I do apologise for asking basic questions.

    First off, how do I actually download the KKROMKIT and install it in my tablet? I've been trying to do it but the tablet cannot seem to detect the installation file.

    Btw, I'm runnning on Gingerbread V 2.3.4

    Please do advice me what needs to be done. Thanks!

    My email is [email protected]
    Hi, I'm searching a firmware for my pad. The device was hanged there for a long time so that I don't remember more imformation, only "Model: imx51_bbg Android ver: 2.2 Kernel ver: 2.6.31-01012-g4f92f83-dirty [email protected] #39 Build number: imx51_bbg-eng 2.2 FRF85B eng.root.20101027.120124 test-keys" form pad.
    Just now, I found one of your post named " KKMod GB ROM for 8" IMX515 - v2.3.4", but I can't download the firmware. So, I send a msg to hope you can help me, link the last ver firmware or send to my mailbox( mailto:: [email protected] ). Many thanks.
    Hi im so sorry to bother you but im a bit lost i currently have the ohpad X8 cortex 8 2.2 andriod 1ghz same pad as fr-809 apad 2 speakers no screws etc etc only its 1ghz im wanting to upgade to your rom do i just download the latest version 2.3.4 i think it is or do i have to download the 1st rom u made then update thank you in advance
    here is the link of sample video...sorry the file is about 300mb... :)
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