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    Ainol Novo7 Mars Firmware ?

    Official (new) firmware 0619 for Ainol Novo7 Mars: Ainol Novo 7 Mars 0619 Firmware. | Ainol Store Blog
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    Ainol Novo7 Mars Firmware ?

    I noticed that if you enable vibration on Novo Mars the touchscreen is working a lot better..... -> settings -> sound -> systems -> vibrate on touch I also installed Advanced Wifi Lock There is also a "proversion" for a few dollars available (has more...
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    Paladin help/advice

    FAQ for Ainol Novo Paladin (and other Novo tablets too - with links to firmware DL etc) Ainol Store Blog | FAQ – NOVO7 Paladin
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    Sites Where You Can Buy Ainol Tablets [Please Sticky It]

    I bought a tablet about 2 weeks ago from Ainol Novo - Ainol Novo Android Tablet - Ainol Novo Online Store (Ainol Novo7 Mars) - Good service, e-mail confirms, fast delivery (with some extra price for express EMS shipping (with tracking number)- about 5 days or so from China to Finland to my home...
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    Ainol @ FB

    Just to let you all know: There is an official Facebook page / group by Ainol: "Welcome to the Official Ainol Facebook page. Stay up to date with the latest product news and announcements from Ainol." I hope Ainol...
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    Ainol Novo7 Mars Firmware ?

    I got e-mail from Ainol (today on June 18, 2012): "We will relase the latest Ainol Novo 7 Mars firmware. Have a nice day. Best regards Micheal Ainol Support Center -- Any question about Ainol,please contact us. Website:" So I hope that they will release the official...
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    Ainol Novo7 Mars Firmware ?

    Hi, any news on the new (or custom rom) english firmware for Ainol Novo7 Mars (16gb) ? There were some posts made earlier that the Mars__Freiyu_mod_0526 update may freeze your tab ? :(...