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  • There are three types Memory on the Archos (And any Tablet) Operating Memory, Firmware Memory and Storage Memory.
    1.Operating Memory (RAM) like on a PC or Mac. Archos 101 has 256 Mb
    2.Firmware Memory (FW RAM) This is partially Read-Only and Partially like a Flash card. 2Gb on a 101
    3.Storage Memory (Storage RAM) This is like a MicroSD card already installed in your 101.8Gb on a 101
    So when you are told you do not have enough storage, it is because you have filled up the #2 type of Memory/Storage or there is not enough room in that 2Gb for your app.
    When it says you are running LOW on memory it is #1 type of Memory
    There are two solutions. for not enough storage warnings
    1. Uninstall some of the applications you do not need
    2. Install an app that allows you to move those apps using storage in the #2 type of Memory into the #3 type of Memory
    This comes in many flavors. The most common apps are called Apps2SD or Link2SD

    Best of Luck
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