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    Double Tapping

    Go to settings > Device > Accessibility > Talkback and uncheck.
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    Mid1024 Live videos, non-flash video watching problem

    Introducing the First End User Friendly Release of XBMC for Android ? Must Have! | XBMC ANDROID VGTV available as XBMC plugin ? VG Tech
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    Asus Live at MWC

    They must be dreaming to ask EU 999 for the Infinity
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    How to activate USB-debugging NOT in the development option?

    Does it have on/off toggle in top right of screen, when you tap developer options?
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    Where can I find a place to repair this Android tablet?

    You might as well buy a replacement tablet, it would not be worth the effort or cost to repair. Tagital (TM) 7" Android 4.0 4GB MID Capacitive Touch Screen A13 Q88 Tablet WiFi 3G MID: Computers & Accessories
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    A couple of Android Questions.

    Should be in Gallery, or whatever Photo app you have installed, listed as Screenshot.
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    How to stream video to multiple Android tablets from one central PC

    Sorry I cannot answer your questions, but this link is the only thing that I know of, that is remotely near what you want to achieve.
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    Sony's New Flagship Android Tab, the Xperia Tablet Z on Video

    It looks as if this tablet has the option of a keyboard dock, if only it had digital pen input, would be my IDEAL tablet.
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    Encryption option is missing.

    Sorry about that, the D2Pad manual lists it as available?
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    Encryption option is missing.

    Encrypt your tablet - Android OS Help
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    cell tablet? united states..

    Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE specs
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    New Tablets @ MWC - Who Is Excited?!

    Thanks for the lead LuvMusic, this tablet looks excellent, but alas no digital pen. This is very frustrating, almost there but not quite. I would pay whatever price, to realise my "perfect" tablet. Maybe one day there will truly be a high end Android tablet with digital pen input. This is going...
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    New Tablets @ MWC - Who Is Excited?!

    My "perfect" tablet for very personal reasons would have to be , light, portable with 3g/4g, SD card, HDMI, full HD display, digital pen, high quality camera, and speakers that are audible. The closest tablet to my ideal is a Galaxy Note 10.1" or maybe the 8", but due to screen resolution and...