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  • Sir mharckk...i have a unit(coby kyros 1024-4g pre installed gingerbread) could you please give me a guide on how to install market? or root?(though as of now i'm not planning to coz it would void the warranty)
    also i've read somewhere about our unit having different boards please enlighten me(i dont want to brick my unit...all i want is market for now.)thanks bud
    hi mharckk i so your post and everything on my coby kyros 1024 has a the same like u have... can you post hows your memory now after upgrading to lf evo?
    here's mine with stock gingerbread 2.3

    INTERNAL MEMORY max: 486.39mb free 231.24mb
    SDCARD 2919.42mb free 2127.09mb
    RAM max:360mb free:172mb

    tnx in advanced. by the way did you remove anything from that lF evo 1.5?? or did you just copy and extract to ext SD?
    i just want to get a preview of the tablet after using that LF evo 1.5 if i will gonna like it hehehe. cheers
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