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    Sprint Galaxy Tab mods

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    Sprint Galaxy Tab mods

    Had my galaxy tab now for a couple of weeks and looking to mod it with roms possibly overclocked...its already rooted..looking for advice on whats far as searching the forums I dont see a whole lot for sprints version of the me out sprint owners with making my tab awesome...
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    Videos Won't Play

    I recently downloaded 300 from media hub.the movie downloaded fine,but when I go back to play it it nevef shows up under my videos or real player...i can only watch it threw media hub..
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    Sprint G-tab Do you need Data plan to use my location and navigation on google map?

    Mine as well want connect to gps without a data plan now...but I tether my tab yo my Droid X for a couple minutes to find the location then untether and it is good to go..
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    Galaxy Tab: Sprint vs. Verizon.

    would like to know if u can hook up a sprint tab on verizon as well....