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    Monsoon Vulkano on Tab

    Just got the Vulkano, a quick review: For those that don't know, Vulkano is a place-shifting device, similar to slingbox but with a few extras (It can record shows, copy those recordings straight to the tab and the Android application is free). Live streaming works well. I've tried it over...
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    Why should I sign up with a contract ?

    I signed a 2-year contract with t-mobile. I got $200 off the tab, if I cancel before the end of 2 years I pay an ETF of $200. Probably pay the $200 later or definitely pay it now. Pretty simple math.
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    Slow wifi

    Router issue. Went from mixed mode to N only and now getting ~10mb. Not sure why it affected the tab and not the laptop. Not sure that I care since it's working.
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    Slow wifi

    From I get: 14MB from desktop (hardwired) 12MB from laptop on wifi 0.9MB from tab on same wifi That can't be right can it? Anyone else having speed issues? Possibly a bad wifi radio?
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    Tab requires class 3 bluetooth

    At least that's what T-Mobile tech support told me. I bought a motorola h17 when I bought the tab. It would stay connected for 2-3 minutes then disconnect. I do have a pair of bluetooth headphones (also motorola) that work and have a mic, but aren't particularly comfortable. Anyone have any luck...
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    Auto screen brightness

    I disabled it. Very annoying.
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    Google voice texts to Tab

    Thought I would pass this along for those doing research on the Tab (too late for those of you that have already bought one). I just got a Tab to, hopefully, replace my cell phone (google voice, sipdroid). In theory you can't have your google voice texts forwarded to the Tab because there's...