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    Jump Ball 2 Reverse

    Jump Ball 2 Reverse is an addictive game that will captivate bringing you into the world of bouncing balls. The objective of the game is to move the bouncy ball from the drop position to the end position along a path that will change at every level. On each path you will find numerous hurdles to...
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    Stop It

    Hello to all! Stop It is an impossible game, where the objective is to stop the planets rotation in the exact point where is indicated from the red point on the path. You have only three possibility to stop it and center the red circle to continue the game. Stop It is a simple one touch game...
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    Clean Up!

    Hi, if you like simple game for pass time without stress this simple game are for you! Clean up is a very simple game where your goal is to clear the playing surface eliminating the circles present. Each click on a cell reverses the contents of the neighbor cells. The neighbor cells are one...
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    Cronum Puzzle

    Hello everybody! Test your math skills! Cronum Puzzle is a logic game similar to the classic math puzzle. Consists of a square grid of eighty-cells (like Sudoku) filled with numbers and mathematical operators. The objective of the game is to find the number in the grid proposed in big on the...
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    Pac ball maze!!! [new game]

    Hello everybody!!! I just released my new game: Pac Ball Maze!!! Pac Ball Maze is a simple and compelling game, derived from the classic Pac Man, where your goal is to eat the candy without getting eaten by ghosts. To move Pac Ball is necessary to use the accelerometer (orienting the device in...
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    [NEW] [GAME] Cookie Destroyer!

    Hello everybody, I just put online my new game for tablet and smartphone: Cookie Destroyer! Cookie Destroyer is an addictive logic game where the goal is to get rid of / destroy all the cookies on the grid in a challenge game last move against the system. Initially, the device creates a grid of...
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    Sensor PX

    New version Sensor PX. I update my first game with two new option: Arcade and By Level. Arcade is the old mode to play. Instead By Level permit to play single level (on 50) by choise in tile menu. Enjoy it
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    Sensor PX

    Hello to all, I'm new and I wanted to report my first game for Android Tablet. It's called Sensor PX. You can find it at: If you like download it, and if...