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  • Thank you for replying my specifications are
    cpu arm processor
    os google android
    7in digital touch pannel
    resolution 800 480 pixel
    wifi 802.11 b/g/n
    usbport usb2.0 2
    mt wireless settings are channel6
    mode 54mbps (802.11g)
    security type wep
    shared key(2) 64 bit
    can you please help me i have been trying most of the day....thanks
    Hi, I hope the tablet (order number 14488) was sent to me:

    Jon Conte
    Calle 13 929
    Miramar, 7607
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Please note the address is in Argentina, as stated in the order in your website.
    I DON'T want it sent to the USA. Paypal sent me an email stating that
    it was shipped to the USA.

    Also, I can't access the tracking site.

    I kindly ask if you can clarify the actual shipping address.


    Jon Conte
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