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  • Has anyone found good instructions to operate this tablet. I haven't. Can anyone tell me how to delete traash items permanently, and how to remove an icon that I bookmarked. Thanks for any help you can give me.
    I am sorry, but you have deleted one of my posts. And I am wondering the reason so that I can get rid of such problems later on. Thank you very much.
    He is traveling more than I, I also have a work Laptop that must go with me. That is all water under the bridge as the cheapo bit the dust 2nd day and I am sending it back. I would really like to put Flashback on my 1.1 gtab that is running vegan, please let me know if you will have some time to help walk me through it. I tried and it did not seem to work, I had it working on the 2.2 but then the power port broke internally. ( seems that I recieved a refurbished gtab, so they refunded my money.) I liked flashback from what I got to play with it before the battery died.
    How is your daughter doing? Hope life is slowing down a bit
    Thank you for getting back with me
    Good morning all, I have a GTAb on Vegan, But I purchased a cheap tab as my other half has taken the Gtab. This is what the purchase description was 10.2" epad SUPERPAD3/Flytouch Froyo Google Android 2.2 tablet pc 4GB 512 mb ram".
    I am guessing it is a Chinese nock off, my question is is there a different ROM for this. This is the about tablet info
    model disco10
    2.2 20110803
    kernel 26329
    build frf85b

    I was spoiled with Vegan.?
    If so are there step by step for this noob? Please include link

    Thanking you all in advance Jaye
    hello, dear admin... i sent your a friend request, hope u can accept, thanks so much..:p
    Welcome back!!! Hope you and your family are doing well.
    I do have a couple of questions, Posted in a few places and stillno answers. also is Tnt the same as TapnTap?
    HI have 2 G tabs, one is running vegan rc1 7.? 1.1 and 3588. I bricked it somehow and worked with a group to get it back, so thank you to all. What I need to know before I do anything else, what is the next steps? do I need gapps? brilliant colors etc. I need to be able to sync exchange e-mail and my calendar, It would be great if someone can give the best preferably free app for excel, word and such.
    2. Have the newest Gtab trying to setup exchange e-mail, tells me I have to turn on sync but I can't find it anywhere can someone help? Please!!!! This one will also need excel and such. I have not touched this new one it is stock, I did try to get android market without any luck, no luck with titanium also it says it must root.
    Thanking all in advance
    I am noob
    Hello, for starters I emailed you guys at weeks ago : Contact Us - Android Tablet Forum asking about me sponsoring an inexpensive ad or donation as I am an individual tinkerer, not a business. Of course, I got no response (cause I am not a big business?). Secondly, you could not just edit the offensive text? you had to kill all of my threads? I will do you a favor, I wil delete my account and that way you dont have to worry about little ol me. Thanks! by the way, I have not sold a pennies worth of anything, in case you feel you have been shorted or taken advantage of.
    Good Morning Peter, Hope all is well I have another dumb question, have not seen any answers on the forum. I have a pop 3 e-mail if I want to fwd w/o all the orig addresses and such how do I delete them before I send?
    Also I really do like the GSA keyboard, for those of us not quite ready for the all touch screen for the price 33.00 it helps me a lot along with the kick stand in the back.
    learning more everyday with the forum and with yours and everyone else s help
    Thank you so much Jaye
    To everyone above me asking questions:
    Please post them in their right place, since there's an appropriate section for all of them.
    You shouldn't expect the administrator to respond all of your questions, since this isn't his duty, plus I bet you'll have more luck with them being resolved by sharing them with the public.
    Could you please delete my 1:18 post in the
    Android Tablet News Depot
    Thank you,
    Hello sir,

    I appologize for my zeal in my postings. I appreciate all the information I've already gotten from this site.

    Seems like I've got quite the learning curve to overcome on these Android tablets.
    I know you mentioned that you merged my post questions, but I can't seem to find them now.

    Also, if you got a chance to read the main thrust of my questions, having to do with WIFI ADHOC mode???
    I've got several great ideas that I want to research, but they require the use of ADHOC connections.

    I'm hoping to source a decent, low cost Android tablet that I can use for my experiments with Peer to Peer applications.

    Could you suggest any tablets ???
    Hi i was wondering if you knew anything about an augen gentouch78... Mine froze completely and it wont go to my home page it just stays stuck on the gentouch screen, or if i have the home buttoned pressed it takes me to a screen with an android and an exclamation mark on it. Is there anything i can do to fix it?

    Thank you angie :d
    hi there - i am very new to all of this - i purchased an Android tablet today these are my stats
    android version - 2.2
    kernel version -
    model number - wm8650

    i am trying to get the 3G to work - my carrier is verizon - can you help me out???
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