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    SD Card

    It's very easy. You can the USB cable to connect your phone to PC or get a card reader to plug your SD card to PC. Then you can copy music from PC to your SD card.
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    How To Change Language Back To English

    You can set it in "General"or “通用” in Chinese.
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    Can't Download On SD Memory Card

    There could be virus in your SD card. Format it on your PC and scan it with a anti-virus software.
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    What Is Android?

    Android is the most open phone OS now.
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    The Android Tablets FAQ - For Those New to Android

    It's quite helpful. Thank you!
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    Best Android Tablets Under $199

    As to the quality, Samsung may be the best
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    How to Transfer from iPhone to Android: The Complete Guide

    Thanks for your kind sharing. I'll have a try.