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  • Adobe Flash won't recognize my tablet

    I'm developing an audio book ap in Adobe Flash, and wanted to test it on my tablet (which I purchased for this purpose). I have enabled debugging and allowed for non-market aps to be installed, and I've been able to get the tablet to hook up to my PC by USB. I had to turn on the USB storage to get the PC to recognize it, and it popped up the familiar "Open Files" window, so I knew it was connected. My file exports normally, but when it gets to the publishing phase, it says there is no Android device connected. The computer didn't search for the correct driver when I plugged it in, as I would have thought it should. Is there something I'm missing here? This is a new, ice cream sandwich tablet, the name on the device is "imio", but I've read that it's actually the same as a Crownho Q701 tablet. It wasn't expensive, but it's a nice little tablet. I just need to figure out how to get it to talk to Flash. Any help here is GREATLY appreciated!
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