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  • Your guide on adding phone facilities on tablets is interesting and useful.

    I have Ainol Novo 7 Aurora tablet and new to tablets and apps.
    Will this add-phone facility work if I follow the instructions listed on your guide?

    Waiting for your reply

    A. S. Bhasker Raj
    hi new to the android form but with tons of issues with my archos 101 version 2.4.81.the external speakers died shortly after purchase and i have no idea how to fix that.any ideas?
    i have a china make android 1.6 (apad mid 706) i need ur help for fixing the following problems
    1. the bluetooth is not in function
    2. can i have a motorola milestone hand set as my mobile can i connect this to my tablet(as mentioned above) for acessing the internet
    3. can u suggest me suitable app for acessing my other desktops say something like teamviewer we have for windows
    Flashing is going to have to wait since my charger broke(been using USB debug). When I find a new one I'll bother you again. Thanks for the advice though.
    Sorry to bug you, but could you help me. I tried the ad-hoc patch on my HaipadM701 and ended up disabling the wifi. How were you able to fix it?
    How long does it usually take for forum posts to be approved by the mods? You guys seem to do a great job on here! Just curious if every post from every user has to be moderated?
    really dumb question, how do I get the Avatar images to work? I have submitted a bunch of images at the requested size but the site will not take them. Keeps saying Image unable to upload or something like that.
    where you get your MID? you can buy from them...try to contack them and ask how to get it...Thank you
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