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  • Update: it has been sometime since my view sonic tablet died. I have been running my iPad instead. I hope to be more active when I get a 7" kindle Fire HD, sometime in the new year!
    hey im from Maine and live in CT now can i join the new england tablet crew
    im very knowledgable of the flashing process and all this "Fixing " as i like to call it
    think i can help out a bit let me know
    Just installed Vegan-Tab Ginger Edition (7.0.0) on my Viewsonic G-Tablet. I followed the instructions from this website. ROM - Viewsonic GTablet For Dummies I'm enjoying the new interface andwished I had done it a long time ago! t
    A Tablet Conference would be fun!!!
    Any takers out there?
    And what would you like the conference to specialize in topics?
    P.S. Taking a Grassroots look at things, sometimes a plant grows from the seed you sow!
    Thank you Peter for the encouragement in starting the chat group New England Tablets!
    I'm not an IT Guy and just thought I would start a simple regional chat group open to all.
    Cheers to ya!
    thank you for starting this group! was worried no one else would start a regional user group.
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