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    Apple Composite TV Out for Samsung Galaxt Tab ??

    Is it possible to use the Apple Composite TV Out cable with Samsung Galaxy Tab for TV out purpose because both share the 30 pins connectors??
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    typing Lags on Galaxy Tab

    i have turned off haptic feedback. very slight improvement though lag still occurs and I use stock keyboard
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    typing Lags on Galaxy Tab

    It happens all the times when I am typing in the browser. So far havent experienced it in ThinkFree Office, although I havent textd heavily so far but within the browser the lag is noticeable
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    typing Lags on Galaxy Tab

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have found that using the samsung own typing on screen keyboard, the typing lags when I write more than a sentence. In other words as I am pressing the corresponding keys on the on screen keyboard, it takes a while before the corresponding letters...
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    Changing Download Folder to External SD Card

    i m using a Chinese android tablet running android 2.2 My question is that how can I set the download folder to my external card. At the moment all down loads go to down load folder on my internal sd card and in the settings I can't see any method to change it to external sd card. I am a...
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    New Firmware needed for 8 inches IMX515 Generic Chinsese Android 2.2 Tablet

    I have a Freescale IMX515 8 inches Generic Chinese Android 2.2 Tablet. Somehow I found the keyboard to be quite unresponsiveness and shakiness of icons. It has flash player 10.1 installed yet some flash files are played while some are not. Is there new firmware for this device. If yes, where...
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    How to install .apk if there is no Market Place installed

    Kindly explain step by step what do with android debugger in settings. I mean to say do I have to turn it "on" and then click on the apk file link on a website and will it install directly this way. I am sorry if I sound stupid but since I am a newbie to android tablets, I would highly...
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    How to install .apk if there is no Market Place installed

    My problem is that google android market place is not installed. So there is no way to install app installer or a File manager like Astro. Now what to do in this case. If I find an .apk file can it be installed without any file manager directly from the internet
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    How to install .apk if there is no Market Place installed

    If an Android 2.2 Tablet doesnt have the Android market Place then is there any simple method to install various third party android .apk files directly from the webpage to the Internet Tablet