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  • I have NC and recently updated the OS to FROYO by NC. I did theis by putting the zip file in the root directory. I tried putting apk file there but it wouldn't recognize it. I also tried e-mailing it to myself to the NC but it didn't know how to open the downloaded file. How do you get the file manager program on to the NC or maybe I am missing something. My NC has not been altered in any way.
    I had it all rooted and running last night but was a little confused on the side loads. I had it backed up, but I took the SD card out and it yelled at me about not being mounted. .. I completely shut it down last night, but this AM when I went to attempt the sideloads I couldn't and still can't get past the "touch the future of reading". Can you help me?
    Thanks for the reply on my post. I don't know if you saw or if you even need one but those Class 10 16 gb micro sd cards on fry are cheap, and class 10 is hella fast.

    hi there...hopefully you can help me...i have an m001 android 1.6...the calibration on it is messed up and i cant do anything on it..hit the reset button but didnt fix anything..is there anyway to factory reset it...
    Hey Thanks for the response. I do have market up and running. My question is , can I download any app on there for free? How would I load an app that I downloaded from this forum? I'm new to this so I'm looking for a system like I use on my jailbroke iphone, where I use Installous to load cracked apps. Thanks Again!
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