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    Archos 70b Internet Tablet Question

    Hi gurgle, I just joined the site recently. Ordered the Archos 70b just tnite. I'm newbie to Android Tablets. Can U please explain what you mean by Gen8, Gen 9, and Gen 8.5 pertaining to the Archos product line.? Thanks.
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    Looking at new 7 inch Android Tablets- Down to Final 5- Any Recommendations??

    Howdy, I just recvd the Visual Land Connect this past fri and hv been playin around with it a bit. You can read my post in the thread titled Visual Land Connect vs Mid Double Pro Md-740 by anothr member Here under visual land connect Search Title. The vlc is identical to iview's 760 TPC...
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    Visual Land Connect VS. DOPO Double Power MD-740

    hi, I just joined the site here tday to see if I could get some input from members concerning the Visual Land Connect tablet I just received Friday from Walmart. Saw your post. The Dbl Pwr MD-740 is falsely advertised as having a 4G ssd for rom storage. at the Walmart site. Several reviewers...