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    Fair Price for a used Coby Kyros 7015

    I have a Coby Kyros 7015. I got it in December. It is adult used and definately not abused. It has been rooted and has full market. I did a factory data reset. I have all of the original packaging and cables. I'm going to sell beause I have 2 and want a 10 in tablet. I was wondering what...
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    Hello Android tablet community...

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find tons of into here. If you like to tinker these tablets are perfect. Have fun! Sent from my MID7015
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    Returned the Xoom today....

    I guess it's in what you're looking for. First let me say, I'm an android fan... 2 galaxy S phones and 2 tablets. I really like the OS. I like not being tied down to Itunes. You can always jailbreak an apple product though. Now, let me play devil's advocate. The iPad is polished. People...
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    Inserting microSD card into Kyros

    Contacts down. I have to push mine in with a finger nail. It will lock in. Sent from my Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S
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    Kyros Owners; Are you happy with your kyros?

    I love mine. Very happy for its intended purpose. Internet, facebook, forums, movies, pictures, and some light reading. I have a great bible app. from the market. Free... Its got tons of versions. I was looking for a parallel version for study but this does the trick. All in all...
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    Where can the Coby Kyros (Gen 1) be Purchased? Price trends?

    Got mine from Kmart. $139.99. Got a second also at Kmart, $169.99. If there are retailers locally that carry the tablet, it would be beneficial to price match. Kmart will, Walmart, Sears, Bestbuy. They all price match. Some do plus 10% of the difference.
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    Connecting To The Internet

    Have you tried It is a program you would load on the netbook. It would turn your netbook into a wifi hot spot. I tried it with a netbook at work. The wifi at work is password protected. Got on with the netbook, started connectify me, and bam, had wifi on my kyros... Sent from...
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    Motorola Xoom price rumor - WIFI only - "Around $600"

    Even if the galaxy s tab drops in price it will be out-dated in a few months. The market is going to blow up In 2 or 3 months. Sent from my MID7015
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    textPLUS on Coby Kyros?

    I had the apk on my phone. I used astro file manager to back it up to the micro sdcard. I installed it from the card. Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App
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    Motorola Xoom price rumor - WIFI only - "Around $600"

    $800 is steep. My tablet is toy... I still do my work on a pc either laptop or desktop. That money builds a big mean desktop. Unless recording studio software comes to tablets... A full touch screen DAW would be sweet. Sent from my Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S
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    Assortment of new Cortex A8 Coby Tablets on

    I would assume from them having a 1ghz cpu they would have 256mb ram. They might go to 512 but something inside says they'll go cheaper. Sent from my Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S
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    [HARDWARE] Power button on MID X5A broken after 2 months! (fix)

    Just a thought, radio shack sells switches that are threaded on the backside with a small retaining nut. I have used them on pc projects and in cars. Reset button replacement on an old tower and I fixed a buddies trunk release. It may work.... May not. How much room is in the case behind the...
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    News about ViewPad 7 & 10

    Local stores have the galaxy s tab for $90 after rebate. Just tied into a 3g contract. Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App
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    Assortment of new Cortex A8 Coby Tablets on says no release date yet but the company says around March... pricing looks good. I think they will be nice. Time will tell. Sent from my MID7015 using Android Tablet Forum App
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    Setcpu settings for kyros 7015

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with setcpu and the settings for the 7015. What settings are you using for best results? Both speed and battery? Also, does anyone have any ideas on overclocking? Thanks for the help! Sent from my MID7015 using Android Tablet Forum App