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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    Its an FM receiver (radio)
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    news concerning adamappstore

    Eden allow apps that do not integrate into the Eden interface (There is a pop-up that asks you what to do) The regular Android interface is available as well (drag 2 finger down on the Eden interface) The first ADAM is on its way (Tracking numbers are appearing in forums)
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    news concerning adamappstore (No content yet)
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    Get Archos 101 or wait for newer tablets to come out

    Wait (a couple of weeks), the A8 becomes outdated and will not be able to support the nextgen Android
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    Norton Ink

    Keep an eye on their website. Notion Ink Adam With some luck the next batch will be available at CES launch early 2011
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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    PixelQ has a wireless display technology that allows to use the panel as a second display to a computer. Can it be ? Their second video shows a card slot on the bottom hat has nowhere been explained
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    Notion Ink Adam pre order

    Keep an eye on CES 2011, the official launch will be presented there (Pre-ordering is possible since Dec 6, but the high-ends with PixelQ are already out of stock)
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    Will the Notion Ink Adam tablet have access to the marketplace?

    Icmarino ? Where did you find that ref ? (I have preordered a WIFI-PixelQ)
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    Are there others that bought the Notion Ink ADAM tablet

    Please share experience