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    TCC8803: Any experiences by now ?

    I don't have any experience, the specs look good, except the pictures all look rendered.. where are the real photos?
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    Haipad M701-R Resolution

    As long as your rooted you should be able to install an LCD Density changer, which will give you the smaller icons.
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    trouble downloading apps

    You can do a factory reset by going to Settings - Privacy - Factory Data Reset
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    trouble downloading apps

    This is apparently a very common problem with Android. There are dozens of websites that claim some kind of fix, but I have never got any of them to work without a factory reset. I just backup my apps then restore after the factory reset. Lately it seems to happen sooner after the reset, like...
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    Factory reset in Telechips TCC8902 doesn't work!! Why??

    My tablet has done that twice.. the first time I thought it was related to me repeatedly attempting to install clockwork recovery. But the 2nd time I don't recall any attempts on installing the clockwork recovery. Anyway, the only way I could factory reset was to flash a firmware from the pc.
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    [RECOVERY] Clockwork Recovery Test Image for Haipad M701 4GB (HY)

    I reflashed a stock firmware and tried reboot recovery, and it just rebooted normally. I am guessing this is not typical behavior? I also tried the cat and logcat commands, I had 3 cmd prompts open did reboot recovery in 1 and ran the other commands in the other, but there was too much...
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    [RECOVERY] Clockwork Recovery Test Image for Haipad M701 4GB (HY)

    Nope, I am on Android 2.1. Does anyone know if there are any 'obvious' steps that I a missing? .. this is what I am doing.. USB cable in, debug mode on, power cord plugged (and unplugged).. adb push recovery.M701-0111.img /nand/recovery.M701-0111.img adb shell sync adb shell flash_image...
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    [RECOVERY] Clockwork Recovery Test Image for Haipad M701 4GB (HY)

    Has anyone with a 4gb M701R successfully installed the Clockwork recovery mod? I can not get it installed. Everything seems to work fine, up until 'reboot recovery' and it just reboots normally.
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    [ROM] M701-R HY Firmware 20101221_bt_ec12_hy (Bluetooth)

    "HY" has been added to the title to alleviate any further unnecessary 'winding' ..
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    [ROM] M701-R HY Firmware 20101221_bt_ec12_hy (Bluetooth)

    Haipad has posted new firmware for the HY models: Translated description: Haipad M701-R Bluetooth firmware HY The post date is 01/20/2011, but the filename is 20101221_bt_ec12_hy.rar
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    Haipad posts "Bluetooth Applications"

    That almost gives me hope!! .. but I am afraid I don't have bluetooth, I have tried everything and was even on Rom 185 for a while. I am now on 186. I was excited for a moment in 186, because rather than just quickly flashing on/off when I try to enable bluetooth, it actually took a few while...
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    I can't speak for Merimobiles. I purchased mine from Pandawill and sent it back Nov 1st and got it back Dec 24th... So all I can say is put it out of your mind and the time will go by faster.
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    Help needed in identifying different versions of M701

    Firmware date: 2011/01/11 posted on: 2011/01/14 Version: 2.1-update1 Kernel: 2.6.29 cbsdada@CBServer #186 Haipad M701-R, 4GB I have not been able to get clockwork to work. I received it as a Nupad replacement from Pandawill on December 24th
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    probs with latest firmware from haipad

    That release was a 'test' release of android 2.2. The website says it is a debugging release and that they are still working on a final stable release.
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    changing button layout M701-R

    Thanks for showing us Button Savior, I am liking it!